Sew Shop Local: Rejects, Kirkcaldy

Kirkaldy has fond memories for me as I used to study at Adam Smith College back in 2008 and completed my Higher Diploma in Interior Architecture there.

Rejects was a go-to place for the velcro we needed for the back of our display boards at the end of year exhibit of works but I had never explored the fabric section or knew of it.

So when it came to meet the lovely Carol, who I’d been chatting too via Instagram, it was a perfect date to explore the fabric department and have some fun with Carol.

We met in the cafe first off for a much-needed coffee and cake and a good old chin wag. We then skidadeld up to the fabric department, where I was wow’ed.  I had to hold on for dear life as I wasn’t expecting this awesomeness!

Are you ready?  Here come the photos!


Crafty things.


Rolls and Rolls …


and more rolls of gorgeous fabrics 
Check out all these gadgets!
Need I say it?
Boom! More rolls ..
Plenty of craft fabrics too.


So there you have it. A good insider of Rejects.  I saw lots of beautiful fabrics and in case you are wondering if I did buy any fabric, then yes I did!


Here’s a map and the address…. now go go go!

Rejects, 123 St Clair St, Kirkcaldy KY1 2BS



Sew Shop Local: Glasgow Part One

So I’ve been putting this visit off for a while now. Many factors have kept me from making it through but finally just went and thought “what the heck, just do it”. I had to come through to Glasgow anyway as I needed to get my passport renewed – “kill two birds with one stone” comes to mind but not literary!

Once I had done the interview bit for the passport, I had 4 hours to fill. It’s a hard life!

I started off at Mandors as I can park in Cambridge car park which is a fantastic location for Mandors and the shopping streets of Sauchiehall, Buchanan, and Argyle but put on a good pair of walking shoes!

Mandors is huge! Yes, HUGE!! Why on earth have I not been here before now? Where have I been for the last five years since I started collecting fabric – yes you read right! I seem to buy more fabric than I can keep up sewing … the thought of putting myself on a fabric ban just doesn’t work. Most of the fabric I’ve bought, I know what I’ll be doing with project/ pattern wise.

Oppps, went off the rail there, think I’m just excited to tell you how I got on!

When you walk into Mandors it’s well laid out and there are different departments that are clearly signed.

I went straight up to the dressmaking fabric department and started looking at the poplin. I wanted to match up a red to go with the red in the lipstick fabric. The poplin is going to used for the facings. I got some black poplin too but I think I’m going to for the red and be daring to myself!

Next was a cord. Think it’s baby cord. But it’s lovely and flowery. Possibly a Cleo or a simple shift dress.


I really want a black skirt to go with the lipstick top, so added some black twill – Seamworks’ Brooklyn is the pattern for this project!


The creme de la creme is this stunning liberty piece.


Oh, I got a meter of woven black interfacing too for various projects.

I had a look round the departments – haberdashery and curtains. Lots to choose from too! I ordered some samples of curtain fabric as I really would like to make our new living room curtains. It’s going to be a tall order but I have a lovely friend who has offered to help me and keep me right! I bought some fabric to make some cushions for our new suite (putting this one off until we get the puppy and get it housetrained!!).

The customer service was brilliant from start to finish! High five to Shona for helping me and giving directions to other stores 🙂 And I didn’t get lost!  Glasgow strikes fear in me as I get a wee bit disorientated but thanks now to google maps I didn’t this time!

map (1)
Mandors – 134 Renfrew St, Glasgow Metropolitan Area G3 6ST


If you need some lunch, I recommend The Project cafe (it’s right next door to Mandors) for a cuppa and spot of lunch or a lite bite (cake!!). I had both.  Here’s what I had for lunch.


Next up is Remnant Kings, Argyle Street but I’ll put that in another post (Shop Sew Local: Glasgow, Part 2)😉

Keep on Sewing!

Edinburgh Frocktails update

Can’t say it any better – sign up via the facebook event page!

Sew sleep deprived

So plans for Edinburgh Frocktails have been moving at pace.

We found a venue

We lost a venue

We found a better venue! Hurrah forAkvaa scandi bar in Tollcross for saving my bacon. Their menu looks lovely and they’ve given us a private room upstairs so plenty of room to mingle.

Now the big news – raffle prizes!

As some of you will know my co-host Emma Ciarrocca, lost her mother to cancer 2 months ago. She spent the last 10 days in a Marie Curie hospice and received truly excellent care. So we agreed we’d like to hold a raffle in aid of Marie Curie to give something back. It costs £500 a day for these hospices to give that kind of care.

So I bashed away at the keyboard and contacted some lovely suppliers and had a brilliant response for our little gathering. So drum roll…

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VLOG: Yes I released a vlog!

It’s been a while since I first talked about doing a vlog and then a few things like life took over and then the vlog took a back burner!


But now I think I’m on top of things and I hope this will be the first of many vlogs that I share with you.  Looking back on the vlog, I have lots to learn as there are a few erms and shaky camera bits but that will take time (hopefully not too much!).  There’s so much to learn and I didn’t want to keep putting it off just because it ain’t perfect!

giphy (2)

If you haven’t already, please view it, like it – even comment on it (I will respond/reply!).

The link to the Video is:

Many thanks for continuing to read my blogs,

Happy sewing!


Sew Shop Local: St Columba’s Hospice

Down Leith Walk, there lies a little haberdashery, not your typical find either as it’s not set in a traditional fabric shop or department store. In fact, it lies in a charity shop and it’s full of bargains.

I’ve been meaning to explore this shop for ages. Today was the day. I had the day off from work and it looked good weather wise to pop into town from mine to tick this little shop off my list! I also treated myself to some gelato 🍧 and coconut toast (both at different times!). 

To get into town, I got a dayticket and hopped on the bus. Door to door it took about an hour as I live out of town. 

The haberdashery is really well stocked with buttons and lots of patterns. There’s some fabric on offer too! 

I was interested to see if they had any nice patterns and buttons. One of the patterns had a pair of scissors ✂️ inside it. They have lots of buttons and I mean lots! 

I got all this for £3. I could of went bonkers but I didn’t. I’d be tempted to go back soon and have a longer look (very dangerous)! 

An Open letter to Vogue Patterns

Screenshot 2017-04-01 08.49.24

When I first laid my eyes on Vogue #1353 I fell in love. Yes, it was love at first sight.  I’m still in love with the actual shape of the garment on the pack but for how long?  The reason behind this question is because whilst putting the front and side bodice pieces together my sewing teacher, Abi and I found a massive flaw in the pattern. annoyan





It’s definitely (the flaw!) in the F5 (16-18-20-22-24) edition, I’m not sure if you have come across the same problem in the smaller size pattern.

When you put the notches to match on the front and side pieces there is a HUGE frickin gap.  For sure there is is no way that you can stretch the front bodice piece with the dart in to match the side bodice.  BUT as soon as you take the dart out, it magically fits (yes I have a magic wand –  It’s Abi!).

I have to shorten the bodice pieces as my back is shorter that the standard.  But that shouldn’t affect the darts, notches and all, should it?

But then looking at the line drawing it does have a dart but the haven’t given enough of the front bodice to include that!!



If ANYONE else has come across this fault, please let me know!

I’m pretty annoyed at VOGUE patterns right now.

  1. Vogue patterns are bloody expensive, so you expect no flaws AT ALL.
  2. Now I’ve removed the dart, there are tiny holes where the thread went through the fabric – my lovely woodland fabric!
  3. From what Abi has seen, the dart isn’t really needed as you have pleats on the front bodice anyway.
  4. You carefully take the time to put a dart in, making sure its pinpoint sharp, then realising after you need to take it out because it’s NOT required.   But if the dart is required and it’s on the line drawings then surely you should remember to get enough allowance for that so it that when you come to sew the front piece and side you don’t have a gap! ??!!

I’m hoping I get some correspondence back from McCalls/Vogue.  I sent a message via the contact form on their website.  I’ll update you all when I get an update myself.

Just so peeved right now. Can you imagine?!!  I bet some of you have been there!

NOW I’m going to take a deep breath and try to relax because I go near the pieces (need to go and get interfacing first, anyway).

giphy-downsized (2)

On that note: The pattern says for “sew in” but both myself and Abi thinks this might be too stiff, so might opt for the “iron on” – What do you guys think?




Sewing: Simplicity 4789

Yes! I’ve finished it! Wooop!

I’m very happy with the finished results and now I can show it off.

Although I did not make the processes easy for myself as I forgot to shorten the back on the pattern pieces and you can just imagine the drama when I realised that. Hence I had a break (Cleo) and eventually I came back to vintage rose 4789, which I’m glad I did.


So I wanted to unveil it to the Hubby on our Wedding Anniversary. We went away to Loch Lomond & Loch Earn for a couple of days and It’s much easier for someone else to take a full-length photo!

We are celebrating eight years this year. It’s been a tough year with losing my Mum to cancer.  I’m just thankful Hubby has been a tower of strength so far to me, helping me get through my darkest moments.



I think I will be doing 4789 again because I have some brown tweed-like fabric but not as heavy as tweed and it would look nice in a shift, plus I had the idea of doing some piping around the neckline, armholes and the hem.

The 4789 pattern is really handy as it’s got a couple more garments I’d like to make and for a pattern, I’d say that you are getting your money’s worth that way.

Screenshot 2017-04-01 09.09.55

I love this vintage rose fabric it’s a cotton lawn and I bought it from The Cloth Shop by Remnant Kings, Edinburgh (£14.99 P/M). I’ve had quite a few compliments on it already before the dress was finished!


I’ve now started on another project and it’s a vogue pattern. I have a time constraint as it’s to be finished by mid-August for a birthday theme! The Vogue pattern that I am using is V1389.

Screenshot 2017-04-01 08.49.24

Again, I’m going to have to shorten the back (this time I’m doing it on the pattern pieces, rather than on the actual fabric!!!) and because famously vogue only goes up to a certain size I have to slightly add a couple of centimetres to the skirt pieces.

Because there is a theme for the birthday bash, this cotton here was crying out to be shown off. I think I already had bought the fabric and the pattern before the theme was public (what a surprise)! The cotton is from Fabric Focus, Edinburgh (14.99 p/m ?) and has a lovely drape to it.


Fabric Focus is where I also go for my classes and I’m so grateful to Abi (my teacher) for keeping me right! I would wholeheartedly recommend the classes. This is my third session and it won’t be my last either. I’ve still got so much to learn and I really enjoy going along and spending a couple of hours with like minded people.

So there you have it – I’ve finished “vintage rose” dress and on the mission of the vogue “woodland” dress.

Keep stitching x

Disclaimer: All photos are my own, so please ask for permission before using them.  All opinions are my own also!

Sewing Room: Storage 

With all these patterns, magazines and gadgets, I always need new storage ideas to store them all.

Instead of recycling the florist boxes I received with flowers, I upcycled them and I think they look great.

I’m a big fan of succulents and cacti, so when I saw this wrap in Paperchase, I couldn’t stop myself!


It’s a wrap!




Finished article …


Ta Dah!


I’m intending to do this with some of the shoe boxes that I use for storing my patterns too.  I think I will be using a different design, just to add more colour!



Disclaimer: all photos and opinions are my own!

Sewing projects: The peg bag

Ever since the plastic peg basket broke earlier this year (shattered into a thousand pieces) I’ve been meaning to sew a peg bag.

It’s been on the list for a wee while and now I’ve done it.   The peg bag was fairly easy once I figured the way to do it.  Another reason for doing such an easy project was to get my confidence on my sewing machine a wee boost.

Okay, there are a couple of flaws but apart from that, I’m reasonably chuffed with myself.

Next time I make one, I’ll move the hole further up, so there’s less chance of pegs escaping!  I’ll also add some bias tape around the edges and take my time measuring (i.e. I will make a paper temple to avoid a patchwork “I need to finish it job” style effect).

Disclaimer: All photos are my own and all opinions are my own!